RSA Canada is one of Canada’s leading property and casualty insurers, as well as the largest marine insurer and a top travel insurer. RSA Canada has the broadest national personal and commercial insurance proposition in Canada — offering end-to-end solutions from coast to coast. 

As one of the world’s largest standing general insurers, RSA Canada is dedicated to providing peace of mind to millions of individuals and families throughout Canada, while also protecting both small businesses and large corporations. 

Increase in broker engagement
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Despite its rich history of sustained excellence, RSA Canada isn’t content to rest on its laurels. As the insurance industry began to transition from traditional offline tactics to modern digital marketing strategies, RSA Canada recognized early on the need to outpace their competitors and rise above the deafening noise in an extremely competitive market. 

Given that email remains arguably the most effective channel for reaching insurance brokers, they also understood the importance of earning a great email reputation through best-in-class deliverability. This helps them reach and engage their brokers while also encouraging these brokers to keep RSA’s offerings top of mind all year long.

While they were eager to break through into the digital age, their lack of marketing technology and digital savvy had significant drawbacks. Their dated legacy systems and limited visibility between (and within) Marketing and Sales, failed to provide the data they needed around broker engagement, incentivization, and growth strategies. 

This prevented RSA from tracking, measuring, and attributing their efforts. And since they had no way of knowing how (or even if) brokers were engaging with their inbound and outbound marketing strategies, they were unable to provide relevant real-time messaging to their target audiences — let alone take a full-on data-driven approach to their digital marketing strategies.

In order to overcome these obstacles, RSA Canada sought guidance from Goose Digital to implement Act-On and help plan and execute proven digital marketing strategies.


Working closely with Goose Digital, RSA Canada has developed an integrated data approach that serves as the foundation for its broker-centric digital marketing environment, positioning them far ahead of their competitors in their marketing automation journey. By integrating Act-On with multiple data sources and installing the Act-On Tracking Beacon on their digital properties, RSA is able to leverage numerous data points.

RSA Canada uses Act-On to develop scoring models across multiple channels based on broker type and product offerings. They then automate their scoring based on demographics, target groups, and digital behaviors. All actions are captured and delivered via Act-On — with visibility, analysis, and correlation available in Salesforce CRM. Actions are tracked and extracted, surfacing key data points that are then leveraged to inform Sales and accelerate ongoing marketing optimization strategies.

According to Kory Jazbec, “The automated processes we’ve set up through Act-On help us intelligently target the right brokers with incentives to generate new business, drive share of wallet, and leverage broker-facing digital workflows.”

Act-On allows us to engage with our broker audiences across our offerings in more powerful and meaningful ways — which helps us stand out among our competitors, drive increased broker retention, and generate more RSA policyholders.

Kory Jazbec

Head of marketing automation

RSA uses numerous data points:

As one of the world’s largest standing general insurers, RSA Canada is dedicated to providing peace of mind to millions of individuals and families throughout Canada, while also protecting both small businesses and large corporations. Furthermore, RSA Canada is committed to working with brokers to protect its customers’ property, businesses, and investments. Whether brokers are quoting coverage or guiding customers through a claim, RSA is proud to be a strong insurance partner for their brokers.

Segmentation and Automated Journeys Fuel Broker Engagement, Retention, and Loyalty

The key to this sophisticated approach is integration, advanced marketing segmentation, and journey-building. Having connected their data points throughout the broker journey, RSA Canada is able to group their current and prospective audiences into distinct segments — such as target brokers, inactive vs. active, engaged vs non-engaged, etc. Within these, there are several sub-segments depending on specific audience criteria and learned behavior. RSA uses Act-On to create automated programs that are unique to these segments in order to dive further into the journey, leverage personalization, impact the outcome, and pass key insights to other areas of the business — including sales.

All of this works so well because RSA is committed to going beyond dated “batch-and-blast” strategies. They use Act-On to move past basic contact level data and instead operate based on behaviors through a combination of digital mediums and integration — including multiple broker portals. And since RSA’s segmentation tactics are so accurate and so targeted, this increased relevancy leads to increased broker engagement, retention, and loyalty. In fact, since they began using Act-On, RSA Canada has improved broker engagement rates by 300%.

Engagement Gamification: Innovating and Incentivizing Broker Relationships

In addition to their robust integrations, sophisticated data collection, and proven nurturing strategies, RSA Canada has taken things a step further by gamifying broker engagements to deepen and enrich these relationships.

RSA Canada worked with Goose Digital to build a leaderboard concept through Act-On that incentivizes and encourages brokers to quote and bind commercial business in a methodical way. The process involves tracking and scoring along a numerical point scale, enabling a one-to-one technique in real-time — taking the concept of “the right message at the right time” to another level.

Not only did this further motivate brokers to engage with RSA Canada and promote their policies in their portfolios, but it also provided RSA with additional targeting opportunities based on each broker’s position on the leaderboard. As these brokers move along a continuum of progressive levels in this gamified concept, the messaging becomes even more relevant. At times, brokers are eligible to receive tangible gifts — such as tech gadgets, household items, reward points through their loyalty program, and even cash gift cards.

Lastly, this has created a data-driven approach to many different strategies involving incentives, tool adoption, and product onboarding — all impacting business results in a favorable way. With every interaction, RSA Canada gets to know their brokers better in order to provide more relevant and personalized campaigns that deliver that one-on-one premium experience that’s so necessary in today’s digital landscape.

Since beginning this program, RSA Canada has seen a 30% increase in overall broker engagement, 70-90% conversion on inactive-to-active brokers, 65% increase in tool adoption, and an increase of 25-30% in quote/bind ratios on average.

Targeted Communications Lead to Better Broker Engagement and Results

RSA Canada implemented Act-On in November of 2015. Since then, they have developed several facets of the platform with various digital marketing strategies that focus on understanding and increasing broker engagement — as well as campaigns that are specifically designed to impact business objectives. Broker engagement continues to climb at a rate of 20-30% YOY, as do result figures within digital initiatives, some climbing as high as 65%. Corresponding with these metrics, the strategies RSA is executing through Act-On produce an average conversion rate of 47%. Better yet, within one business unit alone, they’ve seen a $3.2 million return on investment during automated campaign periods since 2019.

Said Kory Jazbec, “So far, we’re thrilled with the progress we’ve made with Act-On. The platform is as sophisticated as it is straightforward, and it allows us to execute multi-step engagement strategies that are driving more focused broker interactions, creating actionable insights, and impacting organizational objectives across new business, retention, and loyalty. We’re five years in, and we still think the sky’s the limit!”