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Understand Your Audience. Optimize Your Strategy.

Website and Landing Pages

Easily build, optimize, and launch landing pages and websites with tools and templates designed to enhance your funnel.

Optimize sites and pages
Forms and Data Management

Easy to customize, develop, and deploy, our web forms help you manage customer information and optimize your lead generation efforts.

Capture better info
Prospect and Customer Scoring

Assess unique engagement metrics across your touchpoints to create tailored messaging for your prospects and customers

Get engaged

Dynamically group contacts by traits and behaviors to segment target audiences, deliver relevant messaging, and improve engagement.

Learn more

Attract, nurture, convert, and evangelize customers through our simplified, automated marketing tool that removes manual processes.

Get started

Get the conversation going by delivering perfectly crafted messages to your targets using our automated email and messaging tools.

Reach your audience
Analytics and Reporting

Gain insight into how your audience interacts with your digital presence, and discover the most effective ways to connect with them.

Analyze that

Our open API and marketing solutions integrations provide complete visibility into the customer journey and data to customize content.

Customize and connect

Act-On has so much flexibility, and I’m excited to unlock every feature the platform has to offer.

Whitney Swales, VP Guest Recognition, Loyalty, and Marketing Promotions (RLH)

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