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Automate Your Marketing Initiatives

Automated Journey Builder

Automated Marketing Programs

Create, edit, share, and save communications workflows with ease using our Automated Journey Builder. With a dynamic and flexible visual canvas to build your multi-channel and multi-touch marketing outreach programs, you can deliver the brand experiences your prospects and customers crave.

Automated Lead Nurturing

Guide your audience from purchase consideration to brand loyalty with our simple-to-deploy automated lead nurturing campaigns. Our automated lead nurturing tools leverage “if-then” logic and conditional personalization to provide the most targeted messaging and content based on user behavior and engagement across multiple programs.

Automated Messaging

To make the biggest impact, you have to deliver perfect messaging at the perfect time. Whether you’re sending automated commercial or transactional emails, use Act-On to ensure your messaging is on brand and that you’re tracking digital behaviors and engagements. And with transactional event-triggered email, you can send urgent notifications to individual customers via API and behavioral triggers.

Automated Data Management

To understand and optimize performance, you need automated data management tools that allow you to easily collect, combine, analyze, and enrich customer info. Our automated data management tools empower you to apply information from multiple sources, channels, and mediums to better understand and anticipate customer behaviors and implications, helping you adapt and improve marketing program performance in real-time.

Automating campaigns can be difficult when you’re dealing with multiple business units, but Act-On allows us to streamline that process.

Sam Saunders, Digital Marketing Manager (DMC Canotec)

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