Website and Landing Page Optimization

Use Act-On To Audit Your Website, Improve Landing Page Optimization, Reduce Bounce Rates, And Implement Website Visitor Tracking.

Website & Landing Page Optimization Tools

Investing in website and landing page optimization tools is critical to almost everything you want to accomplish as a marketing team and as an organization. With Act-On, you can use A/B testing tools, landing page templates, and website visitor tracking to reduce bounce rates and make the most out of every interaction.

Landing Page Optimization

Improve your landing page optimization processes to generate interest in your products and services, drive more high-intent conversions, and kickstart segmented lead nurturing programs. With our landing page designer, you can easily build your own landing pages with drag-and-drop features or HTML. Or, you can access a wide variety of landing page templates from our growing library.

Website Visitor Tracking

By placing the Act-On web beacon on your digital properties, you can implement website visitor tracking to gather comprehensive user behavior data, helping you create engaging customized experiences in real-time. You can even look-up specific contacts to understand who’s researching your products and solutions and then deliver segmented nurturing campaigns.

A/B Testing Tools

Regardless of how well you’ve structured your landing pages, you can always do better. With Act-On’s A/B testing tools, landing page optimization is an ongoing series of improvements. Our A/B testing tools allow you to assess design elements, copy, CTAs, and more! And once you’ve determined the winner, you can continue to test new variables to reduce bounce rates and ensure optimal campaign performance.

"Act-On’s landing page builder allowed us to custom-build templates that were effective and easy to update."
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