Marketing in the UK with Andy Betts – MadMarketing TV Episode 10

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Join guest host Jeff Ogden and special guest Andy Betts, marketing evangelist, consultant, writer, conference specialist and Strategy & Marketing Director, as they discuss marketing in the UK:

• Attitudes Towards Marketing in the UK
• Marketing DNA & Organization Attribution
• Content & Collaboration – How to Move from Silo Based Marketing Approaches

Join Jeff and Andy as they discuss marketing in the UK vs. the US, and the key differences between the two. Andy delves into attitudes towards marketing in UK as well as the level of marketing sophistication that is unique to each. Andy explains his work in marketing DNA and organizational attribution and how that provides the framework for expanding marketing strategy components throughout the organization, and allows for revenue responsibility and recognition. Andy also digs into the value of quality content and how that starts with your marketing organizational structure. Andy ends with his tips for building a successful marketing organization moving into 2012.

To see the slides presented in this episode, please click. To hear more from our special guest Andy Betts, follow him on Twitter, or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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