Top Ten 2013 New Year’s Resolutions for Marketers

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Hear that low hum of excitement in the air? It’s 2013 coming at us, a whole new year full of bright and shiny opportunities. Here are Act-On’s Top Ten Resolutions for Marketers for your success in the new year:

1. Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Make the most of your content! Reduce the amount of time you spend creating content by reusing and recycling blog posts, webinars, and white papers. Get more tips in this webinar from the Content Marketing Institute.

2. Save money. Automated systems are cost effective, controlling spend while amping up your results. Read how High-Impact-Prospecting saved 1,000 hours a year while increasing results and bandwidth.

3. Get a better education. Act-On has a full slate of resource materials for your marketing success. And, you can sign up for free webinars on a wide range of topics.

4. Manage stress. What keeps you up at night? If it’s worrying about how to maximize your results by investing your precious marketing dollars in the things that work, read this Act-On white paper about “Getting Started With Marketing Measurement.”

5. Lose weight. Is your database full of dead weight – hurting deliverability and burning budget on bad leads? Read our “Best Practices for Email Deliverability” white paper for solid advice on list cleaning.

6. Get stronger. Is your database weak and flabby? Learn how to build a healthy, robust list with our “Best Practices for Building a Subscriber List” white paper, and be sure to watch our “Growing Your Database Responsibly” webinar to learn how to use third-party data for new results.

7. Enhance your relationships. Nurturing leads gives you a higher close rate, and a higher average deal value. What’s not to like? Learn how in our white paper “Introduction to Integrated Marketing: Lead Nurturing.”

8. Make new friends. You know there are people out there who need your company’s products and services, but just haven’t found you yet. Social media gives you reach you can’t get any other way. Watch our own Shawn Naggiar talk about “Using Social Media for Sales Prospecting” on Selling Power TV.

9. Strengthen your family. In too many companies, sales and marketing are feudin’ cousins. Learn how to use technology and process to align marketing and sales – and realize higher profits. Start with Act-On’s white paper, “Introduction to Integrated Marketing: Sales and Marketing Alignment.”

10. Get your act together. If your email, webinar management, and CRM systems stand alone…if your website visitor tracking is manual…if your social media results are hard to track…it just might be time to integrate and automate your marketing tools and tactics. It saves you time and money, and gives proof that marketing delivers bottom-line results. Read about how to implement integrated online marketing in “Email Marketing VS. Marketing Automation Solutions” and “Marketing Automation: One Step at a Time.”

And for a nice wrap-up of how to make the most of today’s digital strategies, check out this smart webinar from Act-On featuring Ian Michaels, chair of Gleanster’s Research Advisory Board: “Kickstart Your 2013 Marketing Plan with the New Rules of Digital Engagement.”


Happy New Year to everyone, from all of us at Act-On Software!