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Act-On Leverages Zapier for Effective and Easy MarTech Integrations

Act-On offers easy MarTech integrations through Zapier to ensure efficient, effective, and deeply connected digital marketing execution.
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Modern marketers need digital marketing integrations that are both powerful and simple to connect. Most of us aren’t expert coders, so we need to be able to streamline these connections with as little technical savvy as possible. 

Zapier provides easy martech integrations that simplify digital marketing workflows and campaigns for greater efficiency and better outcomes. Act-On’s Zapier Silver Status allows us to provide marketers with the connections they need to get the job done.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can leverage Zapier integrations through the Act-On growth marketing platform.

Why Are Deep and Effective Digital Marketing Integrations So Important?

According to Bain and Company, North American marketing leaders at top-performing companies are 1.6 times more likely to prioritize strong digital integrations than their counterparts at poor-performing companies (1). 

There are three main reasons why these elite marketers are focused on leveraging these deep and effective digital marketing connections.

  • Data Consolidation: By centralizing data collected from numerous channels and touchpoints along the customer journey, marketers are able to glean actionable insights from this information and deliver more relevant brand experiences. Providing more personalized messaging, content, and campaigns results in more engagement, more productive sales discussions, and improved ROI.
  • Funnel and Lifecycle Optimization: Integrating third-party applications into your marketing automation platforms allows you to understand what’s driving customers toward a potential purchase and where they’re either accelerating their journey or falling off the experience altogether. Connecting the APIs that are critical to your business helps you create cross-channel profiles to gain a better understanding of your buyer personas, their previous purchases, and their primary pain points and interests.
  • Brand Consistency: In many companies, multiple departments often send disconnected messages to the same prospects and customers — making for a disjointed and counterproductive customer experience. When all of your martech is connected and executed through a powerful marketing automation/CRM combination, you can ensure brand consistency throughout every unique customer experience while also leveraging shared templates for repeatable and efficient campaigns.

How Marketing Automation and Zapier Work Together

Zapier is a web application integration platform designed for non-technical users to connect their favorite apps for more efficient marketing and sales operations and data collection and transfer. Every Zapier app can connect with every other Zap on the platform, which creates a nearly unlimited number of potential uses and customizations.

Got CRM? Here’s Why You Need Marketing Automation, Too

Zapier powers easier automation through Zaps, which are integrations using “if-then” logic to coordinate between two applications consisting of a trigger and an action.

  • Trigger: An event that occurs in the initiating application, such as an event registration with EventBrite.
  • Action: The opportunity to create an action in the target application based on the trigger, such as a thank you message for registering for a webinar.

Within Act-On, common triggers include:

  • Form Submissions: Following a form submission, a trigger occurs that transfers information from the form to another application.
  • Automated Program API Blocks: When a contact in an automated program hits an API block step, contact fields from specific users within a list can be transferred to another application.

Within Act-On, common actions include:

  • Contact Creation and Updates: Create new contacts or update existing contact information within Act-On based on the contact email address and corresponding list ID.
  • Form Submissions: The form submission trigger from a third-party will create a form submission in Act-On.
  • Adding Contacts to Specific Lists: Add new contacts to your master list or segmented lists for more targeted communications.

Follow these simple steps to create workflows using Act-On and Zapier within minutes:

  1. Select the initiating app
  2. Authenticate that app
  3. Select a trigger
  4. Select a target app
  5. Select an action
  6. Map the data transfer from trigger to action
  7. Save and initiate the Zap  

The primary benefit of Zapier integrations is that no coding is required, saving non-technical employees time and allowing them to focus their resources and creativity on strategizing the best possible marketing campaigns. 

The Most Common Marketing Automation and Zapier Use Cases

We’ve spoken with hundreds of Act-On customers about how they’re leveraging Zapier integrations within our growth marketing automation platform and found that there are several distinct use cases that are the most common and effective.

  • Webinar and Event Registrations: Whenever a user registers for a webinar or event through applications like Zoom or EventBrite, you can automatically add their email and first and last name to a list within Act-On.
  • Third-Party Form Submission Data Transfer: Whenever a user submits a form through a third-party application like Unbounce or LinkedIn (paid subscription required for the latter), you can automatically add their contact information to a list within Act-On.
  • Act-On Form Submission Data Transfer to Google Sheets: Whenever a user submits an Act-On form, you can automatically add their contact information to a Google Sheet.
  • Execute a Communications Send: You can leverage integrations with third-party applications like SendGrid or OneSignal to deliver messaging and push notifications through multiple channels. 

Reach Out Today to Learn More About Act-On Marketing Integrations With Zapier

The robust Zapier integration possibilities within Act-On make marketers faster, more flexible, and more effective. Hundreds of Act-On customers leverage Zapier to create efficient workflows between multiple applications without having to know or write any code.

To learn more about how you can improve your marketing campaigns and outcomes using Zapier integrations within Act-On, please click here to schedule a 20-minute demo with one of our marketing automation experts.
If you’re not quite ready to have that conversation just yet, you can download this eBook to learn more about the benefits of integrating Act-On’s growth marketing automation platform with the most popular CRMs on the market.

Got CRM? Here’s Why You Need Marketing Automation, Too

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