Zoom Video Webinar Integration

Act-On’s End-to-End Zoom Webinar Integration: The New Normal Is Now The New Exceptional

Act-On’s fully embedded and holistically connected Zoom Video Webinar integration makes webinars more effective, efficient, and actionable.
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Traditional in-person events used to stand as one of marketing’s primary communications channels and annual flagship campaigns, but these events have now moved almost entirely online. While this has caused many marketing departments to accelerate and uplevel their digital marketing efforts across the board, many marketers are still struggling to create holistic webinar workflows that go far beyond the presentation itself.

Zoom Webinar Integration

Every day, we hear from marketers who are frustrated with the lack of lead generation, nurturing, and tracking functionality within webinar platforms and how this causes major headaches around manual data transfer and inaccurate data collection. Worse yet, these dated data processes limit prospect and customer scoring, segmentation, and personalization.

With this in mind, Act-On has teamed with Zoom to deploy a best-in-class, fully embedded Zoom Video Webinar integration — making it easier than ever to develop holistic webinar workflows, seamlessly capture and transfer actionable data, and track the entire virtual experience from planning to presentation to follow-up… and beyond! 

What’s Unique About Zoom Video Webinars?

Zoom Video Webinars is the top webinar provider in the world and has been an exceptionally reliable and effective platform for millions throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Zoom Video Webinars is easy to use, provides a phenomenal user experience, and is both accessible and affordable for companies of all shapes and sizes. Beyond that, Zoom empowers marketers to gather registration and attendee records and share in-webinar content, surveys, and calls-to-action

With Zoom Video Webinars, you can:

  • Share your story with as many as 100 interactive participants and over 10,000 participants with automatic recording.
  • Identify quality leads through analytics and reporting, and then import those contacts into Act-On. 
  • Simplify the registration process with branded forms and emails that integrate directly with Act-On.

Zoom Video Webinars also provides options for HD video and audio, live social media broadcasts, and integrations with the top CRMs — such as Salesforce. And last but not least, Zoom provides best-in-class event assistance to help you plan, rehearse, and produce exceptional webinars that deliver fantastic engagement.

How to Use Online Events to Build Lasting Relationships

What Are the Benefits of Act-On’s Embedded Zoom Webinar Integration?

Simply put, Act-On’s Zoom Video Webinar integration automates the virtual experience like never before. It allows Act-On customers to embed all workflows for seamless data transfers and consistent customer experiences while also providing full visibility across all aspects of their online events. These components are unmatched by any other marketing automation platform and continue our tradition of delivering best-in-class product features, innovations, and integrations.

Act-On’s native integration with the Zoom Video Webinar platform empowers marketers to:

  • Build strategic webinar campaigns that enable targeted messaging to specific audience segments
  • Identify and invite individual contacts based on their behaviors, scores, and segments — particularly as they relate to interests, intent, and stage within the lifecycle
  • Automatically export all specified and relevant contact records from Act-On or your preferred CRM system (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM, etc.)

By doing so, you can shape the content of your webinars toward individual buyer or customer segments — driving further interest and engagement.

In addition, this new integration offers:

  • Automated data synchronization between Act-On and Zoom Video Webinars
  • Increased efficiency due to decreased manual application
  • Drastic reduction in data loss and inaccuracies
  • Consistent branding across your webinar invitations, emails, forms, landing pages, and follow-up
  • Holistic webinar contact behavior and engagement tracking
  • Dynamic email templates with intuitive webinar information to ensure relevant sends to the proper audience at the perfect time
  • Comprehensive and granular reporting across the webinar program lifecycle
  • Intuitive and embedded scoring and segmentation based on behaviors and engagement

What Is the Business Value Behind Act-On’s Intuitive Integration With Zoom Video Webinars?

Today, most marketers are forced to execute their webinar workflows and presentations separately from their core marketing automation system. This creates significant problems related to data collection, transfer, and interpretation. But by integrating these technologies, you can minimize or even eliminate these issues.

When Zoom Webinars are integrated into Act-On’s growth marketing automation platform, this connection creates a singular experience that streamlines workflows and automatically collects, tracks, and transfers critical engagement data. And by delivering more immersive experiences, you can drive the sort of participation that bonds your audience to your products, services, and message. 

But webinars go far beyond the brief time you have with your viewers. 

Act-On’s embedded Zoom Webinar integration allows you to measure individual behaviors to better understand their impact at the contact level. This way you can accurately and automatically score your webinar participants’ actions (opens, clicks, registrations, attendance, poll responses, and follow-up behaviors) and properly assign revenue attribution to each and every webinar you produce. This is exactly the sort of actionable data collection marketers need to deliver exceptional customer experiences and continue to improve the customer lifecycle at every touchpoint. And by analyzing the overall progress of your virtual events, you can define success and adjust your strategies moving forward.

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How to Use Online Events to Build Lasting Relationships

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