Account-Based Marketing Features to Target the Right Accounts at the Right Time

Adopt account-based marketing features to drill down to the account level to focus on prime opportunities and deliver tailored, personalized campaigns that produce great results.

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Prioritize Your Top Targets With Account-Based Marketing

Automated ABM Views & Dashboards

Sync your CRM system with Act-On to create account profiles, views, and dashboards to gain insights into contact demographics, company firmographics, and prospect scoring. Streamlining this connection automatically links all of your account contacts with their respective accounts, giving you a single view of each account’s buying team, their characteristics, and their level of interest and buying intent.

Account Profiles & Activity Roll-Ups

Account profiles provide in-depth roll-up views of all contact-level engagement data, giving you the agility you need to tailor and personalize your campaigns. Our automated Account-Based Marketing functionality links buyer behaviors to a single account view, which provides transparency into aggregate activities of account buyers and influencers alike.

Target Account Groups

Create target account views to identify companies that match your ideal customer profile. By grouping your accounts by industry, geography, revenue, and other critical criteria, you can better understand which prospects are a good fit for your offerings and then tailor your campaigns to align with their unique needs and pain points.

Account-Based Scoring

Act-On’s intuitive and easy-to-implement account-based scoring functionality gives users shareable insights into contact-level lead scoring for a crystal clear picture of each account’s overall engagement with your brand, offerings, and campaigns. Utilize account-based scoring to measure buyer readiness and intent or to quickstart an outbound sales calling campaign.

Account-Based Nurturing

Once you’ve identified high-intent, high-impact accounts, you can create account-based nurturing campaigns to drive engagement, interest, and knowledge in your products and services. Segment your accounts to create unique marketing lists with relevant campaigns, content, and messaging, or send personalized emails directly to everyone within a single account with just a few clicks.

Act-On fits perfectly into our MarTech stack, specifically as it helps us execute our account-based marketing campaigns. It helps us identify our ideal customers who have a desperate need for our offerings and our skillset.

Julie fouque (director of marketing, Flatirons digital innovations)

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