Marketing Analytics and Reporting for Better Campaigns and Results

Leverage Act-On’s marketing analytics and reporting tools to gain a thorough understanding of campaign performance and improve strategic, tactical, and messaging decisions.

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Make Informed Decisions Based on Accurate Analytics

Funnel Metrics

Understand each buyer’s position on their journey to guide them along an optimized funnel experience and clear the pathway to purchase or lead transfer. With real-time prospect tracking, campaign performance insights, and funnel metrics, you can define each buyer’s unique stage, their readiness to purchase, and the ideal handoff points to your sales team.

Engagement Insights

Track your inbound and outbound engagement insights to learn how your messaging is driving traffic to your digital touchpoints. From segment-specific messaging programs to full, dynamic, and cross-channel nurture campaigns, our out-of-the-box engagement insights allow you to assess the performance of every tactic so you can optimize your messaging and improve your programs.

Web Performance Analytics

By placing the Act-On tracking beacon on your website and landing pages, you can gain clear visibility into your site’s performance analytics and your visitors’ experiences. In addition, you can review and assess critical metrics that showcase visitor behavior and engagement. Act-On also complements third-party web performance analytics solutions with detailed customer behavior tracking. 

Marketing Campaign Performance

Understand the impact of your lead generation and customer loyalty efforts across your sales pipeline, customer engagement initiatives, brand loyalty programs, and other key campaigns with Marketing Campaign Performance Reporting. This feature gives a holistic view into your holistic strategy and can integrate with your business intelligence platform to help you measure program success, optimize your campaigns, and achieve real results. 

Act-On Data Studio

For those with more advanced reporting needs, Data Studio can filter, aggregate, and export your data using Act-On Data Studio to extend visibility into program performance and share your progress with key stakeholders. Combine data from multiple third-party systems, export into a BI tool, and create and share eye-catching charts and graphs that make your reporting engaging and easy to digest. Find correlations among thousands of variables and communicate concepts with visualization tools.

Revenue Attribution

Track the revenue contribution from your marketing channels and initiatives and drive improved tactics with Revenue Attribution reporting. Our revenue attribution reports offer insights into how each marketing initiative is delivering value to your business and bottom line.

Through analytics and knowing where our customers are in their journey, we’re able to deliver the most relevant messaging.

Marc Wilensky, VP of Communications and Brand Marketing (Tower Federal Credit Union)

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