Marketing Segmentation for Targeted Messaging and Campaigns

Accelerate success by using marketing segmentation to deliver relevant messaging, content, and campaigns for phenomenal brand experiences.

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Connect With Your Audience Through Advanced Marketing Segmentation

Behavioral-Based Segmentation

Every webpage visit, every social media post, every product touchpoint counts. These engagements represent customer behavior. Armed with this data and aggregate metrics, you leverage behavioral-based segmentation to track, score, and analyze every interaction and see how each segment engages with your brand.

Demographic and Firmographic Segmentation

Your audience’s location, income, job description, and more are key to creating a target segment that will be receptive to your message — with your segment in-hand, you can create and deliver targeted content that will resonate. By using demographic and firmographic segmentation, you can begin to understand your personas and deliver tailored experiences that exceed their expectations.

Multiple Score Sheets

People are complex, so your contact scoring program has to be sophisticated. Act-On’s unique multiple score sheets let you define multiple sets of scoring criteria and apply those rules for each contact. Leverage dynamic scoring models to prioritize purchase pathways, nurture programs, and conversion points.

Act-On gave me the insight I needed to better strategize how we engage our different audience segments.

Kristin Williams, Marketing Program Manager (Physicians Insurance)

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