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Website & Landing Page Optimization Tools

Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Composer lets you design, build, test, and launch a professional page in minutes. Kickstart your campaigns, drive interest around core topics, and gather valuable information to inform scoring and improve audience segmentation.

  • Add your own landing page templates using design-on-the-fly HTML design options
  • Drag & drop content blocks
  • Upload and store unique branded assets for later use
  • Access a wide variety of stock template options 
  • Optimize your page for mobile with responsive design
  • Templates enable sticky navigation bars

Website Visitor Tracking

97% of your site’s visitors are anonymous, so how can you make actionable connections? Our Website Prospector tool gives you comprehensive user behavior data — helping you create engaging customized experiences in real-time.

  • Anonymous Visitor Tracking builds a dossier on each visitor, helping you forge better connections.
  • Prospect Activity History helps marketers view each visitor’s browsing behaviors to understand their interests while strengthening connections — before and after the conversion.
  • Real-Time Alerts tell you when a specific user is visiting your page so you can immediately understand their needs and respond in real-time.
  • Contact Lookup Tools help you zero in on who’s researching your products and solutions for more productive follow-up.
  • Website Data Analytics help you save time and money by showing you what’s happening on your sites and pages in one consolidated reporting tool. 

SEO Audit Tools

Today, over 80% of consumers begin their buying journey on a search engine. So, when it comes to search, if you aren’t ranking, your sites and pages might be tanking. Our easy-to-use SEO Audit Tool helps you optimize your page’s SEO ranking while adapting to ever-evolving search engine algorithms.

  • Page scoring allows you to assess your page performance trends and re-evaluate keyword strategies.
  • Discover which pages drive traffic and optimize your site’s navigation to conversion points. 
  • Know when to update your page content to improve your SEO score.

Landing Page A/B Testing

Your web and landing pages are set for success. But how can you be sure they’re optimized for the end-user actions you want? To get the best responses and highest conversions, our A/B Testing Tool optimizes each step along the conversion funnel, ensuring a seamless experience.

  • Use multiple design tactics to better connect with your prospects and customers.
  • Optimize your page and form design to ensure visitors take the actions you want.
  • Continuously re-evaluate page design to ensure optimal effectiveness and campaign performance.

Act-On’s landing page builder allowed us to custom-build templates that were effective and easy to update.

 Siiri Hage, Director of Marketing Communications (Picarro)

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