Customer Journey

Curate And Personalize The Customer Journey To Play A More Active And Effective Role In Educating Your Audience Throughout The Customer Lifecycle.

Map the Customer Journey to Extend and Amplify the Customer Lifecycle

Your site is built. Your SEO rankings are awesome. You’re attracting more customers and spreading phenomenal brand awareness. But that’s just the beginning! With Act-On’s automated customer journey tools, you can implement customer journey mapping to deliver at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Use Act-On to build accurate customer personas, elevate customers into brand champions, and extend every customer journey.

Automated Customer Journeys

"Our customers feel like we’re speaking to their needs. Act-On has allowed us to take them on a unique journey."

How Does Act-On’s Help With Customer Journey Management?

Accelerate the customer journey

Nurture leads and accelerate the customer journey by segmenting contact lists and optimizing engagement through personalized, relevant, timely messaging that addresses pain points, interests, and behavior.

Automate the customer journey

Educate your customers and drive them along the buyer’s journey through automated programs that use conditional logic and dynamic content to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

Fine tune your sales approach

Use customer journey management tools to optimize your engagement, messaging, and interactive elements to clear a path to conversion for every customer.

Build things people talk about

Create interactive web experiences with Act-On optimized forms and landing pages, that capture visitor behavior, and inform segmentation and personalized messaging.

How Can This Help My Business?

By developing and deploying great automated buying journeys, you can improve the customer experience at every phase of the lifecycle. Our customers have increased revenue by nearly 800% through advanced segmentation strategies that speak directly to the individual based on previous engagements. And by shifting to more sophisticated email campaigns with conditional logic and dynamic content, these same customers are improving conversion rates by 200% and open rates by as much as 1500%.

We ❤ Our Customers