Build and Run Your Marketing like a Pro

Create. Execute. Measure. Improve. Our marketing automation tool makes it easy to develop scalable marketing initiatives—and convert prospects into loyal customers.

Automate Your Marketing and Accelerate Demand

B2B Demand Generation

Build an interactive web experience that tracks visitor behavior, captures information, and turns visitors into buyers with our forms and landing page templates.

Manage proactive outreach by delivering the right message to the right buyer at the right time.

Add context to your customer data at every touchpoint and build more accurate profiles to create more relevant and personalized communications.

Supercharge your lead gen efforts by enabling Act-On’s broad, powerful social media, event, and web-tracking capabilities — all in one easy-to-use solution!

How Do Act-On’s Tools Help Me With B2B Demand Gen?

Attract and Capture New Leads

Capture vital consumer information with our progressive profiling, landing page, and forms tools, optimized to help you get the job done. Make life easier with built-in social media management and keep the conversation going across every digital touchpoint with our tracking beacon and website prospector tools, designed to help you create meaningful, personalized communications.

Segment and Personalize Nurturing

Nurture your audience and generate personalized content that draws people to your brand. Our powerful, proven account-based marketing solution and segmentation tool is designed to help you deliver individualized messaging through our automated programs and SMS communications tool.

Optimize Your Funnel

Already have a CRM in place? Start driving more productive sales conversations through our native CRM integrations. Next, analyze the effectiveness of your automation strategy through funnel reporting and attribution. Finally, assess your prospects’ viability with our lead scoring solution before retargeting qualified leads, driving engagement and conversion.

Turn Customer Data Into Conversations

Gain better insights into prospect and customer behavior with contact- and account-level reports and website visitor tracking. Use our platform’s CRM integration capabilities—the only native CRM integrations on the market—to both capture data and drive long-term customer loyalty.

The conversion rate is much better because we can get acquainted with our leads and target them with more relevant information.

Sam Saunders, Digital Marketing Manager (DMC Canotec)

How Can This Help My Business?


of B2B companies will use landing pages to nurture new sales
leads for future conversion.


of B2B marketers cite email as the most effective marketing
channel when it comes to generating revenue.