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Act-On’s EU Email Sending Helps Ensure Full GDPR Compliance

Act-On’s EU Email Sending enables customers to send emails to EU residents with no transnational data transfer, which is critical to ensuring GDPR compliance.
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As the European Union continues to further regulate marketing communications to protect consumers and their privacy, marketers are faced with an ever-evolving series of challenges that threaten their ability to deliver effective campaigns. Among these challenges is the GDPR mandate to completely eliminate transnational data transfers and keep consumer data entirely within the EU.

To help our customers overcome these obstacles without interruption, Act-On’s EU Email Sending empowers organizations whose primary marketing operations are located in the EU to send marketing messages to EU residents without data leaks outside of their borders. This is a key element of GDPR compliance regarding data localization and transfers, giving our customers peace of mind regarding their marketing data.

What Is Act-On’s EU Email Sending?

Further solidifying our dedication to our customers in the European Union, Act-On’s EU Email Sending functionality is now a default configuration that processes and sends emails from accounts located in Act-On data centers in Ireland and Germany to recipients exclusively in the EU. Requiring little-to-no customer configuration, EU Email Sending provides email infrastructure within each Act-On customer’s local geography to fully comply with new and emerging data privacy regulations, especially GDPR.  

Using Act-On to Manage Consent for the GDPR

What Are the Benefits of Act-On’s EU Email Sending?

Act-On’s EU Email Sending functionality has a fairly straightforward purpose with complex data privacy capabilities. With these capabilities, come several key benefits for our customers who are subject to EU regulations.

  • Send email from Act-On in accordance with local data transfer and processing mandates, allowing you to fully comply with those regulations. 
  • Previously, EU customers who wanted this capability had to purchase an add-on, but we now provide EU Email Sending to all eligible customers without additional fees. 
  • For existing customers, there is no configuration required. New customers have their configuration provisioned during onboarding. And customers with dedicated IPs will be required to perform minimal configuration.
  • Of course, there is no limit to the number of emails you can send through the EU Email Sending solution.

Most importantly, if our EU customers are ever subject to an enforcement action, they will be able to easily demonstrate how their resident data resides exclusively within the European Union. Using this feature, emails never pass through our U.S.-based data centers are never processed by U.S. networks. This gives our customers complete confidence that their emailing efforts are protected and align with EU data privacy and security regulations, especially GDPR. 

Leverage Act-On EU Email Sending to Ensure Regulatory Data Compliance

Act-On’s EU Email Sending functionality is unparalleled in our industry and unmatched by any of our primary competitive vendors in the United States. EU Email Sending enables Act-On customers operating in the European Union to execute powerful growth marketing campaigns while maintaining GDPR compliance through its data storage, processing, and message sending capabilities hosted in the EU.

At Act-On, we take data security and privacy very seriously at every stage of development — from design to implementation to ongoing management. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to investing in our core platform architecture for better performance, fewer costs, and guaranteed compliance. 

To learn more about how we’re improving functionality without sacrificing efficiency, please reach out today to speak with one of our growth marketing automation experts. If you’re an existing customer and are curious about the specific details of this initiative, click here to speak with one of our email deliverability experts.

Using Act-On to Manage Consent for the GDPR

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