Marketing experts from Act-On and Goose Digital weigh in on key topics and offer simple solutions to the most pressing challenges digital marketers are currently facing.

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Pivot Digital Marketing COVID-19

Expert Insights From Experienced Marketers

Hear from proven Act-On and Goose Digital marketers on how our organizations are making the most of a difficult situation - and how you and your team can get the most out of your marketing budget and programs while overcoming the harsh obstacles related to COVID-19.

Pivot Digital Marketing COVID-19

Updating Roles and Responsibilities to Excel in the New Marketing Environment

The key to sustained growth is to identify the processes, responsibilities, and tactics that properly engage and address each stage of the funnel. However, for many organizations, aligning Sales and Marketing to support a complex journey is extremely difficult.

Pivot Digital Marketing COVID-19

A New Approach to the Traditional Funnel

Understanding where you need to adjust your digital marketing funnel can go a long way toward firming up your lead generation processes - while ultimately supporting revenue growth throughout the COVID-19 pandemic (and beyond). Some organizations might require additional stages, but regardless of how many steps you include in your funnel, you should be able to deliver helpful content and messaging at every key touchpoint along the customer lifecycle.