Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Act-On

Bring the Right Marketing Data Into the Sales Conversation

Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Act-On creates a central command center for building, managing, and tracking campaigns across multiple channels, from lead capture to revenue booked. As a result, the powerful connection helps marketing and sales teams to make evidence-based decisions about investing resources, testing hypotheses, and proving ROI. In this eBook, you will learn how CRM and marketing automation systems complement each other and why you need both.

Key features of Act-On’s native integration:
  • Report on account-level data

  • View all synced records related to a contact

  • Identify your most active leads and contacts

  • Create customizable scoring models and scoring sheets

  • Use automated programs to assign tasks and push data to your sales teams

  • Report on revenue attribution, revenue impact, and marketing funnel metrics

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