How to Use Online Events to Build Lasting Relationships

Create Meaningful Connections That Go Beyond the Lead

Learn how you can use online events to build and strengthen lasting relationships that extend the customer lifecycle and drive sustained growth.

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  • Tailor your webinar to your target audience

  • Determine the proper webinar format to make a lasting impression

  • Plan the logistics of your webinar

  • Promote your webinar for maximum engagement

  • Capture and transfer critical data to extend the life of your webinar

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Create More Efficient and Effective Webinar Experiences

Nearly 70% of B2B marketers cite webinars and online events as their most effective method for generating leads and marketing to their prospects and customers. Successful webinars create a dialogue between you and your audience - with opportunities to ask questions and provide meaningful feedback about your company and your offerings. Even though most marketers moving to digital events, there's plenty of room to improve your webinar planning, preparation, production, and follow-up. Learn how!

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