Dynamic Web Forms

Act-On Makes Marketing Segmentation Easy With A User-Friendly Interface And Intuitive Features, Allowing You To Deliver And Scale Highly Relevant Campaigns Based On User Profiles And Behaviors.

Better Lead Capture With Dynamic Forms and Progressive Profiling

Act-On’s Form Builder gives marketers of all skill sets and experience levels the ability to craft comprehensive buyer profiles through easier, more intuitive lead capture processes. By simplifying the lead capture model, our dynamic forms make it easy to attract and entire new prospects. From there, you can leverage progressive profiling to learn more about repeat convertors with each subsequent form-fill — empowering you to deliver personalized marketing campaigns.

Dynamic Forms

Use Act-On’s Form Builder to create powerful, intuitive, and dynamic forms. With simple drag-and-drop functionality, configurable templates, and CSS-customization, Act-On makes it easy for you to build and deploy dynamic web forms that integrate with your website to capture and deliver critical prospect information. This critical data provides everything you need to create tailored buyer profiles for highly engaging lead nurturing and sales processes.

Progressive Profiling

Progressive profiling places you in complete control of the customer journey. Using Act-On’s Form Builder, you can easily create progressive web forms that gather additional information every time a prospect or customer completes a new form. Progressive profiling forms retain existing data, which means you can continue to ask new questions with each subsequent form-fill. This vastly improves your lead capture workflows and allows you to develop highly specific buyer profiles for further marketing and sales engagements.

Progressive Profiling
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