Customize Your Campaigns With Intuitive Web Forms and Progressive Profiling

Our web forms are easy to design and deploy, helping you collect customer information through progressive profiling to optimize your lead and customer engagement efforts.

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Leverage Web Forms With Progressive Profiling to Optimize the Customer Experience

Web Forms

With simple drag-and-drop functionality, configurable templates, and CSS-customization, our tools make it easy for you to build and deploy compelling forms that integrate with your website and are optimized to capture critical prospect information — enabling you to start more conversations and deliver more personalized user experiences.

Progressive Profiling

With Progressive Profiling, you’re in control of the customer journey. This automated feature allows you to gather new information every time a prospect or customer completes a new form. Act-On forms retain existing data, which means you can continue to ask for new information with each subsequent form-fill. This makes it easier for you to meet prospects where they are in their journey.

Auto-Response Emails

In order to make the most of every engagement, you can immediately and automatically send pre-built auto-response emails as soon as a user takes an action or completes a form — whether they just accessed a piece of content, visited a webpage, or made a purchase. And by reviewing engagement metrics for each auto-response email, you can better understand user behavior to follow-up with smarter and more effective messaging and recommendations.

Creating forms is easy, and we can segment our audience into different groups based on what appeals to them.

Andre Laanemets, Sales Rep (SKF Group)

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