Drive Better Product Adoption and Retention

Create personalized automated programs that are unique to your business and drive strong product adoption and sustained customer retention.

Give Your Customers Exactly What They Need

Product Adoption and Retention

Initiate perfectly timed, perfectly relevant retention campaigns to delight your customers and improve loyalty. By proactively tracking user behavior, you can drive adoption and retention programs that motivate your customers to explore your offerings and discover the full potential of your products and services.

Automate your customer adoption and retention campaigns without having to constantly monitor their execution. By conserving your resources, you can redirect your efforts toward creating more immersive productive marketing strategies that help your customers achieve their goals.

How Do Act-On’s Tools Help Me With
Product Adoption and Retention

Proactive Customer Support

When you take the initiative to share information with your customers, offer them guidance, and capture their feedback, they tend to appreciate your investment in their success. Our automated program list generation, segmentation, and optimized communications channels makes this easier than ever.

Best Practice Education

With Act-On, you can create educational campaigns and automated nurture programs to ensure that your customers stay engaged and get the most out of your offerings, extending and strengthening these vital relationships.

Deliver Timely Critical Communications

Automated customer notifications empower your customers to prepare for unexpected changes with minimal friction. With segmentation, message management, optimized emailing, and targeting, you can ensure the right customers get accurate, timely, and easy-to-use information when they need it most.

Manage User Groups and Conference Communications

Leverage Act-On to plan and create every aspect of your digital user groups and conference communications. Develop automated programs that ensure engagement, attention, and participation as well as follow-up campaigns to keep the conversation going.

We’re remaining relevant to our customers by expanding our use of Act-On as we work on new initiatives and our marketing needs grow.

Evan McKenzie, Marketing Manager (TPC Training)

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of consumers value when a business knows their account history and current activities with that company or brand.


Loyal customers are 7X more likely to try a new offering.