12 Tips for Transforming Your Marketing Team Into A Content Powerhouse

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Recently, Act-On Software CMO Atri Chatterjee joined Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, and C.C. Chapman, co-author of Content Rules for a webinar about how to transform a marketing team into a content marketing powerhouse. During this webinar, Joe, C.C. and Atri shared advice for crafting your story, finding inspiration, and conveying the value of content marketing to the C-suite.

Here are 12 content marketing tips from these experts:

  1. Identify corporate goals and direction – As Atri explains, it’s important to strike a balance between your company’s goals and your audience’s needs. Sometimes we get caught up in getting our message across and forget about our audience.
  2. Make your story interesting! – Great content marketing involves both what you want to get across and what your audience is looking for, put together in an interesting way.
  3. Don’t get in your own way – As C.C. explains, the reason that companies often have trouble making their content interesting is that they either get caught up in the hype of social media techniques – such as viral videos – or they get nervous about moving forward. C.C. encourages marketers to get out of their own way. “Sit down and figure out: What is your story? What’s the medium?” says C.C. Start with your strengths and build from there.
  4. Create a content marketing mission statement – Stop creating content without a plan. Joe encourages that marketers create a content marketing mission statement that answers both: “Who’s your target?” and “What do you want them to get out of your content?”
  5. Get help to create enough content – If your biggest corporate marketing challenge is the inability to produce enough content, C.C. suggests hiring new employees or an outside agency. The problem is not going away on its own. Solving it requires time, effort, and planning.
  6. Look into brandscaping – This approach to creating a content marketing strategy, outlined in the book Brandscaping by Andrew Davis, involves partnering with other organizations that have like audiences that you can leverage.
  7. Learn from those with good content marketing strategies – Organizations like Ford, Coca-Cola, Red Bull, SAAS, and OpenView Venture Partners have good content marketing strategies in place. You can also find other examples to learn from in Content Marketing Institute’s 100 Content Marketing Examples ebook.
  8. Harness the chatter – Atri suggests tapping into existing conversations as a great way to find inspiration for your content strategy. Keep the channels open and you will get a lot of feedback.
  9. Ask the tough questions – Joe suggests asking yourself: “Why would anyone spread this piece of information?” If the answer is that they wouldn’t share it, it’s probably not content-worthy.
  10. Set guidelines – Today, anyone in your organization has the opportunity to talk, create, and share online. C.C. stresses the importance of setting realistic guidelines that still allow people to share and experiment.
  11. Tie your strategy to other major initiatives – Your content marketing strategy has to fit with the overall goals of your organization. According to Atri, the more you tie your strategy in and the more it fits with the overall goals of your organization, the better off you’ll be.
  12. Create with the intent to reuse – Create a plan that not only outlines what kind of content should be created, but also how it can be used in multiple places.

What’s your biggest content marketing challenge? Share it with us by leaving a comment below!

“Brandscaping Content Marketing World Instagraph” by Brian Massey under a Creative Commons license.