7 Online Marketing Components To Integrate For Better Results

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Ah, the buzzwords of yesteryear…remember when everything was synergistic?

The word may be dated, but the concept is alive and well. And it’s easier to achieve than ever before, as online marketing technologies evolve to integrate with each other and enhance each other’s results. The biggest bangs are being able to consolidate from various tools into prospect profiles, so you know more about a prospect and can do better target marketing, with more personalization; and cross-channel campaign enhancements.

According to Aberdeen Research, 65% of best-in-class B2B marketers integrate their email marketing and social media campaigns –that’s only two of the seven channels you can use to amplify and reinforce your branding and messaging across your marketing ecosystem.

Act-On’s new white paper, Introduction to Integrated Marketing: Building a Holistic Marketing Strategy, gets specific about what to integrate and how to do it, giving you a short path to success. Call it holistic marketing, call it synergy, call it integration; by any name, it works.




This paper discusses:

  1. Email marketing. Fewer than 20% of marketers integrate social sharing links in their email, but one study shows LinkedIn sharing boosts click through rates 370%. Worth a try, yes?
  2. Social media marketing is a force multiplier that helps you reach new audiences.
  3. 70% of B2B marketers say that webinars are their most effective content marketing resource. Learn how to scale your webinars and online events so they don’t languish in an archive after the original airing.
  4. Blogging can shine as an SEO tool.
  5. 44% of inbound clicks lead to a home page. That’s a giant missed opportunity, when a dedicated landing page can double your conversions.
  6. Website intelligence. This is not the same as web analytics, although the two complement each other. Analytics helps you understand marketing’s big picture; intelligence helps you understand individuals, so you can use personalization in target marketing.
  7. Analytics: You need to measure the performance of every marketing channel, so you can see how channels affect other, what needs attention, and how to gauge investments.

 width=Combining these online marketing tools will give you a marketing machine that’s far more than the sum of its parts. See how your prospects respond – and results lift – when your marketing efforts are holistic.


Download Introduction to Integrated Marketing: Building a Holistic Marketing Strategy today!