8 Quick Ways to Improve Your Engagement on Facebook

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Facebook by pshab CC 2.0 498122926_443eaf90ed_zFor marketers looking to increase their brand’s reach and their business’s bottom line on Facebook, it’s important to engage on a level that goes beyond simply having someone shoot you a thumbs-up. Engagement is the name of the game and brands actively seeking ways to improve their engagement will experience much more on the site, such as loyal followers, larger networks, and increased reach.

Reaching a larger audience is extremely important for every brand, and if you’re willing to follow along with some simple tips, you can improve your engagement numbers with minimum effort.

8 Engagement-Boosting Tips for Social Media

1: Post at the Right Times

Thanks to the Time Decay variable of EdgeRank, the world’s time zones, and small-window browsing habits, some hours of the day earn far better engagement than others. This is something that’s going to vary depending on your location, your niche, the size of your network, etc. Suffice it to say that you should focus on when to release your material. You can stay ahead of EdgeRank by releasing a new post or status every three hours or so if you’re active; just try to pinpoint the time of day that your particular audience is the most active, and remember time zones.

2: Focus on Superb Quality

Quality is always important when using Facebook, but it’s vital if you expect to earn engagement. Of course, “quality” here means more than good-looking, appealing posts. It goes to the heart of marketing, as in solving problems for your niche by releasing pertinent content. It also means that you should stop cutting corners just to get content out there. If it’s not something you’re proud of, don’t post it.

3: Intrigue with Your Status

Acting primarily as shorter, text-based posts, status updates can really help you to improve your engagement. However, the object here is to lure people in with a short blurb; e.g., capturing attention with something that’s very intriguing. So think about asking questions and really working on drawing someone’s attention with only a few words. View examples of status updates which have received many likes and you’ll get a better idea of how to approach future updates.

4: Develop a Real Network

Facebook isn’t the only network you should be a part of. Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even old favorites like YouTube are still premium social sites to join. The idea here is to treat these social networks with the same care you use on Facebook. Create real profiles, release high-quality, pertinent content, and work to push a consistent brand image. You’re using this interlinking of networks to control your traffic and to improve your reach, so treat it seriously.

5: Switch up Your Format

Text-based posts can earn a lot of engagement if they’re well written, but using a variety of media is in your best interest if you’re hoping to improve engagement. So think about posting videos, more photos, charts and graphs, entertaining memes, and other types of media which will entertain and keep people wanting to return to your brand time and again.

6: Share in the Experience

It’s sometimes easy to forget that social media marketing includes the word “social” in there for a reason. A lot of marketers believe that it’s quite enough to cater to social leanings without participating themselves. This is the wrong way to look at it. Sharing in the social experience means—and quite literally—to share material, to carry on conversations, and to court your audience directly by ensuring that your material caters directly to your market’s needs.

7: Find Quality Content

Not only do you want to put a lot of effort into your own content, but you can also check out other locations for high-quality content. Posting infographics and videos that are pertinent to your niche is a great way to draw more engagement. Just remember that quality is always important. If you’re posting content someone else created, it must be stellar content, and you must give them credit.

8: Use the Power of Freebies

Not every follower you have in social media is going to end up being a customer. But that’s not to say that most of your followers won’t be potential customers with something to offer you. So targeting a larger audience within your defined niche is something that’s going to pay off for you. For instance, if you’re offering giveaways and holding cool and exciting contests, you’re going to spread organically through the friends of your friends. It induces a lot of action and thus boosts engagement.

Improving your engagement as a brand using social media opens the door to a lot of positive benefits, none the least of which is a network chock full of quality users. But perhaps the biggest benefit here is that your brand will reach far more people and become exceedingly more popular if you’re able to boost your engagement numbers.

Craig Robinson is a social media enthusiast and writer for Qwaya, a Facebook Ad Campaign tool. He loves to write different topics about social media tips and strategies. Besides writing, he also enjoys engaging with different communities and social forums.

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