8 Steps to Achieving Search, Social & Content Marketing Success

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According to a recent eMarketer survey, content marketing and conversion rates have climbed to the top of the list of emerging digital trends. Arnie Kuenn, president of Vertical Measures and author of Accelerate!: Move Your Business Forward Through the Convergence of Search, Social & Content Marketing, shared his deep knowledge during a recent Act-On-sponsored AMA webinar. The focus of the presentation was how to use content marketing, search and social media together to increase opportunities for marketers.

Why content marketing?

Recent studies have indicated that B2C and B2B companies with 101+ pages of content on their websites generate 2.5X more leads than companies with 50 or less pages. Blogging also shows a significant impact – companies that blog at least 15X a month also get 5X more traffic, have 4X as many pages in the Google index, and double the amount of backlinks compared to companies that don’t blog at all.

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Achieving success is an 8-step process

1.  Strategy development. Plan out your strategy a year in advance and build content around that. Ask yourself why you’re creating the content, who is your audience, when and how you will develop your content, and map out what success looks like to you.

2.  Research. Often times, when people are searching online, they are looking for answers – but the other half of the time, they are looking for information and education before making a purchase decision. Your main goal is to research and figure out what information your prospects are looking for.  Create content your prospects and clients are looking for that will pull them into your website and fulfill their curiosity.

3.  Content creation. Arnie recommends addressing the situation of pricing and cost in your industry even if you can’t give a direct answer. He also suggests writing lists (top 10, 5 best, etc…) because people tend to gravitate toward them. Also, interviewing other experts in the space and recording talking head videos is a good content strategy because it helps to position you and your company as a thought leader in the industry and other leaders will eventually begin asking to interview you for your insight.

4.  Content Optimization. There are many ways to optimize content that only take a few minutes, but can make a big difference.

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5.  Content promotion. Share your content! There are multiple social media options including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to name a few, use them to share your content and put all of your hard work out there to be read.

6. Content distribution. Similar to promotion, but involves repurposing and redistributing your content.

7.  Link building is still the number one factor for getting search rankings. The best links are from trusted sites, have varied anchor text, are from many different and relevant websites, and are determined editorial.

8.  Measuring results. After doing all this work, make sure you’re measuring your success and failures. Check your rankings, traffic, conversions and other key metrics, and focus on strategies that are providing the best ROI. Keep rolling out content which works for your business and adjust your strategy and your plan.

For more in-depth learning about “How to Win at Search, Social & Content Marketing,”’ watch the full webinar here.

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