Eating Our Own Dog Food: Act-On Software grows 318 % by using… Act-On Software

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We’ve met a lot of marketing professionals who understand that they need marketing automation software, but drag their feet. They know they’ll benefit by consolidating their email marketing and digital marketing efforts in one place. They know conversions will increase by using lead scoring and lead nurturing. They also believe sales will increase if they can identify and deliver the most-ready prospects to their sales people.

But they’re apprehensive… we get that. First, there’s implementation. Some systems take months, are really difficult and require lots of help from IT—never easy to ask for. Then there’s learning how to use it; that can be a steep curve. And finally, what if, after all this time and money, it doesn’t perform as promised? The C-Suite is going to notice.

You can take the risk out of implementing marketing automation by using Act-On. You’ll be up and running quickly. Without tapping IT. It’s intuitive and easy to use, even for low-tech users… and it gets results.

This isn’t just the usual marketing blather. How do we know? We use Act-On ourselves.

Growing Faster Using Act-On Software

We developed our solution for small marketing teams like ours… and yours. And the results are in. In the last year, Act-On Software grew 318%. The next fastest-growing automation marketing system grew 112%. (Yep, it’s a hot industry, and we see our growth as the best possible validation of our service. Read all about it in analyst David Raab’s B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool, 2012 edition.)

Why are we growing so fast?  Easy:  First, we have a great product that’s easy to use,  priced right, and delivers the goods. Second, we use Act-On Software to create, deploy, and track all our marketing campaigns and associated channel activities. It works. We’re our own proof.

Have three minutes? Watch this short case study video and see how used Act-On to stack the deck for success—quickly.  How quick? According to Ken Kroge, president of, “Within one week our team was up and running.” How’s that for rapid implementation?

Ready to get started? Shoot our sales team an email; they’re waiting to hear from you!