Email Marketing versus Marketing Automation: Benefits and Tradeoffs for SMBs

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Should you consider transitioning from using a stand-alone email marketing solution to a full-blown marketing automation platform? (As you may have already guessed, the answer is “yes,” but hear us out.)

As you’ve probably already come to realize, there are tradeoffs between the two technologies. Many small businesses (defined by Gleanster as organizations with 1-250 employees) think that marketing automation is only for large enterprise corporations. That used to be the case, but some newer marketing automation solutions (like Act-On Software) actually have small- and medium-size business marketers in mind.

Email Marketing versus Marketing Automation: Who’s Using What?

According to Gleanster, eight out of ten small business marketers currently use three or more technologies to support their marketing activities. Most of the time, these technologies aren’t integrated and customer activity can’t easily be followed between the systems.

That’s because email marketing systems are designed to be good at one thing: email. Multi-channel engagement is a key differentiator between marketing automation and email marketing. Unlike email-only marketing solutions, marketing automation enables and tracks marketing engagement across multiple channels, most often websites and social media, in addition to email.

Marketing Automation: Not Just for Marketers

Most SMBs don’t have a sales problem or a marketing problem; they have a revenue problem. While email marketing services are typically viewed as a tool for marketers only, marketing automation bridges the divide between marketing and sales by providing tools that marketers and sales can use together to achieve objectives and impact the business as a whole.

To learn more about the differences between email marketing and marketing automation, we invite you to download Gleanster’s Email Marketing versus Marketing Automation Solutions whitepaper. This Gleansight Deep Dive piece provides a core feature comparison of marketing automation and email marketing, as well as an assessment of marketing automation readiness for SMB marketers.

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