Enhance Your Rankings with Link Juicing and Link Baiting

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Did you know that about 3 billion search queries are carried out on Google every single day? With Google sitting on a major chunk of the search market– about 66.7% of the US market and 86% of the global search market – it is hard to ignore how your website gets ranked on Google.

Google search engine algorithms have undergone substantial changes over the past 14 years. Today, we hear a lot about “link juice.” Dubbed as Google’s currency, link juice is what you should be gathering to snatch those rankings from your competitors. Link juice is the credibility given your site by a search engine as a result of backlinks from trusted sources. Simply stated, link juice is what you reap as a result of the benefit a backlink passes on to a website.

Look to Your Own Site

What many of us fail to realize is that although we are in pursuit of high-value links with semantic relevance, we overlook those untapped reserves of link juice present on our own websites. That’s right. Your website would definitely have content that could serve as ‘link bait’ so that other sites will want to link to you. The important question is: How do you use these equity reserves for more link juice? The answer lies in a strategic approach to juice tapping to get more links, especially from sites that have a lot of juice.

Work On Your Content 

It is important that you create high quality content that will appeal to both your audience and other websites that carry content in a similar genre. The originality and style will add to the share-worthiness of the content and give you a better chance to attract the right links. Content such as news, how-to-guides, e-books, product reviews as well as other interesting content such as infographics, testimonials, interviews and contests are likely to get more juice.

Submit Press Releases and News Articles

Press releases and news articles mostly consist of interesting information that has high value. Such content, when submitted to trustworthy and reputed media outlets, will earn you credibility, helping you earn backlinks and as a result more juice.

Sponsor Events 

Event websites are well promoted and thus give you a chance to earn more link juice. By becoming a sponsor of an event related to your business, you can earn backlinks to your website. You can even sponsor non-profit organizations’ charities, which might end up showing their appreciation by linking to your site.

Have Your Own Blog

Blogs on your main domain will add a consumer-oriented approach to your website. This would be a great way for other bloggers to link to your individual posts on various other websites and platforms. Another interesting aspect you can add is guest blogging, which would earn you valuable backlinks and access to audiences you would otherwise not have reached.


Make sure you adopt a meaningful and strategic approach by targeting the right keywords. Between these, and getting the right kind of links to generate more link juice, your  ratings will improve.


About Our Guest Author
Roman Viliavin, Promodo Vice SEO, has been working in the field of internet marketing since 2005. He has successfully pushed up dozens of projects in various subjects and companies. Нe is a certified specialist in system Google AdWords, and serves as an expert speaker at various conferences.