Have Your (Marketing) Cake and Eat It Too

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Marketing Automation

marketing-automation-as-a-technology-solution-for-busy-businessesReducing the cost of your online marketing efforts while simultaneously improving your results sounds like a pipe dream. But if you’re doing some heavy lifting with manual marketing processes, switching to marketing automation might just do that hat trick for your company.

High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC is a New York-based marketing agency providing agile, high-outcome B2B demand generation services for technology-centric clients. H-I-P’s early thinking was that it made sense to build its own platform, using its existing ISP relationships and sunk resources. Pretty soon the agency found itself executing email marketing campaigns using multiple local machines, various connections, and disparate point solutions, which wasted valuable time and resources.

On the heels of a very successful remarketing campaign, the agency took stock of the sheer effort the campaign took, and made the move to a marketing automation platform.

The results? 1,000 fewer man-hours per year (that’s half a full-time employee, if you’re counting) on the remarketing campaign alone. And the new platform provides better deliverability, maximizing results for the same spend.

The icing on this cake, though, is better results for clients, which also means greater revenue for the agency.

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Photo by Diana House, suavehouse113. Used under a Creative Commons license.