How to Use Marketing Automation to Gain a Better Understanding of Sales Prospects

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When you hear the term “marketing automation” you may think about marketing, email, lead nurturing, content creation or integration with CRM… but how often does the term make  people think about sales? But – isn’t increased sales the reason a marketing automation solution is acquired in the first place? (I sure hope so!)

Yes, marketing automation helps CMOs and VPs of marketing track and manage their marketing success. However, it has a powerful role to play aiding sales to determine who is interested, assessing their need, and making outreach to them at the right time.

Knowing Who, What and When – Reaching Prospects with Marketing Automation

After 15-plus years of selling, I know that being successful has everything to do with timing and matching my solution to the needs of each specific prospect. In fact, an research study showed “the odds of contacting a lead increase by 100x if attempted within 5 minutes versus 30 minutes.” In other words, you have to act fast when a prospect displays strong interest.

Marketing automation tracks who’s visiting your website and what they’re looking at, which emails were clicked and how many times, when and how many downloads occurred, and it can immediately alert sales.

However, as any successful sales rep or Director of Sales will tell you, not every hot prospect is a one-call, one-demo close. This is where you’ll need to capitalize on those alerts from your marketing automation solution to utilize other sales basics to help close the deal.

Marketing automation has helped me understand more than just timing. It shows me what specific actions prospects are taking and gives me better  information to assess their specific needs.  When sales has the understanding of the “who,” “what” and “when,” that’s what we call “sales nirvana.”

Sales Nirvana: Insights to Close the Sale

When marketing automation technology and the sales process come together, it’s the perfect combination for sales professionals. They get the insight they need to better understand the who, the why and the when to reach out to customers and prospects to close more business.

Want to learn more about how marketing automation helps marketers to market and sales to close deals? Join me for next Tuesday’s live marketing automation demo.