Identify Potential Sales Leads with Act-On’s Website Visitor Tracking Tool

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What could you gain from knowing who’s visiting your website?

It’s been estimated that around 97% of visitors to a website are anonymous. Finding out who those website visitors represent is extremely valuable information, not only for marketing, but also for sales and other departments.

Act-On Software’s website visitor tracking tool provides that knowledge, allowing sales and marketing teams to see individual companies visiting the website and the pages they visit, in real-time.

Lead Generation from Your Website

Here’s how it works: Add a tiny snippet of invisible HTML code to each of your website pages and you’re ready to start monitoring your website traffic. It’s that simple to turn your website into an active engine for generating leads.

In fact, tracking visitors with Act-On is so easy that you can see the whole process in less than five minutes in this short video.

Real-time Tracking with Act-On Software

Once installed on your website, the Act-On code provides lists of Anonymous Visitors and Known Visitors, and provides tools to help you identify Anonymous Visitors, including native integrations to, LinkedIn, and Google

While real-time tracking intelligence is great for marketing, it can be extended other parts of the organization such as sales, by setting website visitor-triggered alerts. These alerts can be customized by specific criteria and sent to specific email addresses. Each email alert provides visit details including all the pages that potential prospect viewed, providing a snapshot of their interests. 

The report includes a graphical representation of website visitors that allows you to see a breakdown based on the number of visits. You can also view search terms used and referring sites, giving you insight into the performance of inbound marketing actions.

In short, Act-On’s website monitoring tools provide marketers and sales professionals with valuable knowledge for lead generation. Visit our website to learn more about how you can start using Act-On’s website visitor tracking tool today!