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Many salespeople have the same challenge – how to make full use of the allotted time in order to generate the most revenue. Nancy Nardin, founder and president of Smart Selling Tools, joined Janelle Johnson, director of demand gen at Act-On Software for a powerful webinar discussing 30 Seconds Matter: How to Propel Revenue by Shifting Your Sales Energy Use.

“You can sell anything to anyone if you had all the time in the world to do it,” said Nancy, sympathizing with salespeople. But time is of the essence and salespeople have a limited period in which they need to connect with hundreds of potential clients. So the question remains: How can you get the most out of the time you’re given to sell? Nancy suggested making every minute count.

Calculating sales capacity

“Capacity constraints” is a term for sales which ultimately measures output in terms of revenue. Hitting quota isn’t the same thing as selling as much as you possibly can, so analyzing your use of sales capacity is key. To start, Nancy provided the total sales capacity for a salesperson – 215 days.

Nardin 1 sales-capacity-2013

Studies show that the typical time allocated to selling is only 35 percent. The remaining 65 percent is spent on administrative and sales cycle tasks – which means the “real” sales calendar actually looks like this:

Nardin 2 2013-35-sellingtime

Make the most of your time

To make every conversation count and to make the most of your 35 percent, Nancy suggested “Saying more of the right things, to more of the right people, at more of the right time.” Basically this means engaging with the right people, and know what you are going to say before you start conversing.

To make the remaining 65 percent non-selling time count, Nancy recommended “Do fewer wrong things, do more right things, and do the right things better.” What does this mean? It means don’t waste your time or give up too quickly, be persistent in unique ways, and use innovative approaches to get your prospect’s attention. If the sales team’s productivity increases 15 percent each day, revenue should also significantly increase.

Nardin 3 impact-revenue


Ultimately, in order to increase productivity, Nancy strongly suggested implementing marketing automation, which could help you connect with your audience and uncover hidden opportunities.

Janelle chimed in about how marketing automation can increase sales productivity: “Marketing automation can help streamline your sales process and improve efficiency for your sales team.” In order to uncover opportunities, she suggests promoting your company and engaging with prospects using online marketing. You can engage prospects and share content through email, your website, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media, to name a few. Once interaction between the company and the potential client is initiated, be on the look-out for buying signals which will reduce the time required from the sales team.

Finally, when an opportunity is uncovered, Janelle suggested increasing engagement between your company and the potential client. Email is a low-cost way of staying in touch with prospects and gauging their interest.

“Building an effective nurture campaign will help increase positive brand perception by providing valuable content and thought leadership,” emphasized Janelle. “Include a variety of different offers, such as webinar invites, whitepapers, and case studies.”

Janelle recommended that marketing and sales work together to build out a nurture strategy that balances timing and frequency of engagements.

Did you know about the 215 day selling capacity? Have you found other ways to maximize time and engagement? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below!

Watch the webinar here.