Manage Leads More Effectively—and Close More Sales, With Act-On’s Easy Lead Scoring Tool

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Leads, leads, leads. You get them from website visitors, webinars, advertising, tradeshows, and even-more sources as multi-channel marketing grows. Some are ready to buy, while others need to be nurtured. You want to make sure that your sales team gets only the leads who are qualified as “ready to buy,” so what’s the best way to make that determination?

Lead scoring is the answer. Act-On’s simple yet effective lead scoring methodology lets marketers create scoring rules that attach numerical value to prospect activities.  Scoring lets you identify leads who are taking the actions that typically lead to short-term conversions, and get those hot leads to sales in real time, enhancing close rates.
Act-On’s easy-to-use tools let you assign your customized scores to common actions, such as:

–    Opens, click-throughs and forwards for your email marketing campaigns
–    Form views and submits
–    Visits to and click-throughs from landing pages
–    Downloads from your website
–    Visits to specific pages (such as pricing pages)
–    Webinar registration and attendance

You can also create custom criteria mapped to the buying cycle your own customers have established, to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Scoring your leads with Act-On is so easy that you can see the whole process in just over three minutes, in this short video.


And, for Salesforce users: Act-On’s lead scoring integrates seamlessly with Salesforce. Leads that cross the threshold and score as “ready” are immediately, automatically, effortlessly pushed to Salesforce, so sales reps can take instant action to close that ready lead.

Act-On’s lead qualification and scoring tools help marketers and sales professionals work together to manage leads more effectively—and close more sales. Visit our website to learn more about how you can start using Act-On’s lead qualification and scoring today!