More Marketing in the UK with Andy Betts

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Guest host Jeff Ogden and special guest Andy Betts, marketing evangelist, consultant, writer, conference specialist and Strategy & Marketing Director, continue their discussion on marketing in the UK.

Join Jeff and Andy as they discuss Andy’s perspective on marketing, sales and technology as we move in 2012. As technology changes the way we view sales and marketing, new channels emerge – presenting companies with the challenge of choosing the relevant channels for their efforts. Analytics are key. Without the ability to measure these channels, the appropriate choice can not be made. Andy points out that the role of sales has also changed. As marketing brings in the majority of leads, it becomes the responsibility of sales to focus purely on closing the deal. A fragmented approach does not work any longer. Jeff and Andy close out their discussion with an approach to marketing as the key driver for not only content, but for product marketing.

View Jeff’s interview with Andy Betts in it’s entirety in Mad Marketing TV Episode 10. To hear more from our special guest Andy Betts, follow him on Twitter, or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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