One Solution, Two Easy Steps: Generate Leads from Social Media with Act-On’s Twitter Prospector

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Social media is a hot topic in marketing, maybe THE hot topic. Services like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter let marketers connect directly with current and potential customers in new, personal ways. It’s an exciting opportunity—but can you really harness these services as tools for lead generation? (Spoiler: You can!)

Let’s focus on Twitter. Twitter offers the chance to be proactive in generating interest from a potential prospect and to become part of your prospects’ daily conversations. But it can be hard to find the right threads and difficult to manage multiple conversations at once. Act-On’s Twitter Prospector is a nifty solution that helps you use Twitter to find new, targeted audiences for your products and services, and keeps you organized so you’re always on top of your company’s conversations.

Step One: Locate Prospects and Connect

Sometimes the hardest part of lead generation is identifying legitimate prospects. Here’s how Act-On can help… First, use the Twitter Prospector to build reusable searches. Then refine your keywords, so you can hone in on the conversations that matter and the people who will be interested in what you have to share. Maybe you’re offering thought leadership; maybe you’ve got specific offers and promotions. The Twitter Prospector makes it easy to connect with these prospects, in real time, in a way that’s trackable and aligned with your other marketing initiatives.

Step Two: Easy, Trackable, Consistent Communications

Next, create tweets with URLs that point to your website, landing pages, signup forms and other digital assets. (Act-On’s Twitter Template Builder has a built-in dynamic URL shortener that helps keep your Tweets under 140 characters.) Now, you track the clicks from these links and analyze this information using real-time reporting. You can also create a library of Tweets for others to use, so that your messaging and offers are consistent across the Twitterverse. And your Twitter dashboard keeps it all organized and current with one-click access.

Want to see for yourself? Check out this short video for a step-by-step overview of Act-On’s Twitter Prospector.

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