Six Prosperity Practices with Randy Garn – Mad Marketing TV Episode 14

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Join guest host Jeff Ogden and special guest Randy Garn, nationally recognized author, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Prosper Inc., as they discuss the Six Prosperity Practices outline in The Prosper Book:

  1. Locate your Polaris point
  2. Live in your prosperity zone
  3. Earn from your core
  4. Start with what you already have
  5. Commit to your prosperity path
  6. Take profound action

Randy Garn co-founded Prosper Inc., a leading company in one-to-one distance education, with Ethan Willis. In this episode we get the straight scoop on solving the money + happiness  + sustainability = prosperity equation as Randy walks us through the six steps to prosperity outlined in his book. Randy digs into each prosperity practice and explains the goal for each step. Each of these practices can be equally applied to individuals as well as businesses as we strive to match passion with profits and get started realizing our ultimate personal and professional goals.

To learn more about our special guest Randy Garn as well as the Prosper Book, visit his website and take the prosperity assessment.

Don’t forget to join us for our next episode when we discuss marketing automation fundamentals with Thor Johnson. Also, look out for special “After Party” footage from this interview with Randy Garn.

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