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We are very pleased to announce that we are adding our own three-letter acronym to the business lexicon: SMT, standing for Small Marketing Teams.

Since we target companies of all sizes, people tend to assume that we target SMBs. This is categorically not so — we focus on SMTs. These are in fact very different segments.

Generally speaking, the SMB segment is characterized by modest budgets and modest tactical objectives. It is very well served by the likes of Constant Contact and MailChimp, who do a few things but do them very well.

By contrast, the SMT segment features small marketing teams with big ambitions, and with minimal IT or technical support. They tend to be agile and aggressive, and want to use every available tool to achieve their larger marketing objectives. Speed of planning and execution are paramount. And they expect their marketing systems to evolve rapidly to include new marketing channels as they become available.

With marketing teams everywhere being asked to do more with less, this is the way the world is moving.

The vendor that is able to serve the needs of this segment will find rapid growth, happy customers, minimal churn and substantial upsells. We can attest to this 🙂