So Why Should I Call this Guy? Tips for Collecting & Delivering Superb Sales Leads

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With the right system in place, you can let sales know which leads are genuinely interested in your product, and when those leads are most likely to be actively considering a purchase. Capturing a lead’s digital footprint enables marketing to segment and nurture prospects based on behaviors. It also helps sales foster a meaningful engagement with prospects – and focus that engagement at the most opportune time. Here are our ten favorite tips to help you deliver leads that sales is eager to call:

1.  Provide lead activity history.
Your reps will know exactly how to follow up with each lead when you provide full lead activity history. This lets sales know which emails were opened, what web pages were visited, how many times the lead has visited, and when.

2.  Earn your sales team’s trust.
Create legitimacy for marketing-delivered leads by sending only those leads that are “sales-ready.” Determine the criteria to score leads based on behavioral activity and other factors, then automatically route those leads to sales when the score reaches a certain threshold and the time is right.

3.  Agree on marketing and sales reporting.
What needs to be measured? Discuss it with sales, then report those metrics regularly. Useful reports include those that track:

  • Number of leads converted to meetings
  • Number of leads moving to proposal stage
  • Number of new “sales-ready” leads

4.  Guarantee pipeline accuracy and reporting.
Through predictable and verifiable reporting, you will be able to build trust with your sales team so they believe your numbers and your view of the pipeline.

5.  Increase overall revenue per lead.
Before you can increase your revenue per lead, you have to have a way to measure it. With a measurement process in place, you can document the return on your marketing dollars. This is the holy grail of closed-loop marketing.

6.  Shorten sales cycles with timely and relevant follow-up.
According to a recent Harvard Business Review, companies who use the “5-minute contact rule” increase lead qualification rates by seven times over waiting even an hour, and over 60 times compared to waiting 24 hours or more to make an initial contact.

7.  Decrease the number of low-quality leads passed to sales.
A web visitor may demonstrate interest by their actions, but they still might not be a quality lead due to job title or other demographics. Filtering leads based on this type of data can reduce lesser quality leads.

8.  Increase the number of high-quality leads passed to sales.
Identify qualified leads that display purchase intent based on their behavior. Often it’s a combination of frequency, page visits, and specific pages which indicates a buying sign. These are highly desirable leads.

9.  Eliminate tire-kickers from the qualification cycle.
Learn to distinguish the tire-kickers from real buyers. Track which leads convert to sales and which do not. This will allow you to refine your qualification process, weeding out the tire-kickers so sales doesn’t waste time with them.

10.  Reduce the number of stale leads.
Many prospects are legitimate buyers… just not right now. These leads can go stale if you don’t offer them a way to stay engaged at their own pace. Set up a lead nurturing program, and they’ll think of you when the time is right.

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