The Top Ten MUST-Dos in the Ever-Changing World of SEO

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Well-executed search engine optimization (SEO) can be a prime generator of highly qualified leads. Recent changes in search engine algorithms (such as Google’s Panda and Penguin) have changed some of the rules.

You can get up to speed on these and learn additional best practices for SEO in a comprehensive webinar: The Top Ten MUST-Dos in the Ever-Changing World of SEO, Thursday, September 13, noon Pacific.

Presenter Martin Laetsch has spent the last 12 years designing and running search marketing programs for both the Fortune 50 and SMBs, including launching and leading the world’s first enterprise-class search marketing program while at Intel. Martin’s ultimate rule is: If you base your marketing decisions on what is best for your customers, you will likely rank well in the search engines. That’s because search engines make their money by recommending the best content for any given search. The more tightly your content focuses on what the searcher is looking for, the better your rankings will be.

It takes well thought-out, coordinated strategies and sharp execution to make this work for you. Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn in this webinar:

      1. Write for your customer, not the search engine. New algorithms catch low-quality content and meaningless links; gaming the system doesn’t work anymore.
      2. Speak your customer’s language. Learn four tactics for choosing your initial keywords. Try searching your own site for these words. If you can’t find them, search engines won’t.
      3. Optimize your website. Seven tactics, including using the exact term – “symptoms of diabetes” is not the same as “diabetes symptoms,” plus the most effective places to place keywords.
      4. Link juice: what it is, why people link, and how to get it. The number 1 tactic is – you guessed it: write customer-centric content.
      5. Create a custom 404 page. Why, and how.

        create custom 404 page


    1. Canononical URLs: There should only be one canonical version of each page. The non-canonical version should 301 redirect to the canonical. Learn why this is so very important.
    2. Breadcrumbs enhance both site usability and search results; learn how and why.
    3. Navigation: Learn about HTML and XML sitemaps, video site maps, and image searches.
    4. Microdata: Learn about schema markup, structured versus unstructured HTML, and get microdata suggestions for images, video, and events.
    5. Responsive Design: By 2014, more people will be accessing the internet with a mobile device than with a desktop system. Responsive Design is a way to build pages that display well on all systems.

Whether you’re a newbie or an old hand at SEO, this webinar has takeaways you can start using right away.

Register now for The Top Ten MUST-Dos in the Ever-Changing World of SEO, Thursday, September 13, noon Pacific.


More About Martin Laetsch
Presenter Martin Laetsch is a seasoned search marketing industry expert and thought leader with over ten years experience developing and running search programs at global enterprises. He initially built one of the most robust global search marketing organizations while at Intel, and over the last six years has helped companies across verticals such as tech, CPG, travel, manufacturing, and media build world-class search marketing programs. 

He has keynoted conferences for Google and several Fortune 50 companies, is frequently quoted in industry publications, and frequently speaks at major search conferences like Search Engine Strategies and SMX. Martin was on the Board of Advisors of SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, and was a founding member of the Google Technology Leadership Council, a group dedicated to developing best practices for technology search marketers.