What to Look For In Marketing Automation, Part 4: Landing Pages and Forms

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If you’re considering the move from an email marketing platform to a marketing automation system with greater capabilities, make sure to take stock of the solution’s capabilities for forms and landing pages.

Forms and landing pages are trusty workhorses in a marketing automation system. You can link online ads to a landing page and capture new leads. Put links in emails for webinar registration or surveys. Post forms on your website that people fill out to trigger document downloads, automatic response emails, and alerts to salespeople. If this sounds complicated, it’s not – as long as the system you choose was designed to make it simple.

Here’s what to look for:

    1. Easy to create
      Ideally, the tool you use to create a landing page or form will be integrated into the marketing automation platform, so you can create all campaign assets in the same system. You should be able to create your campaigns without needing help from IT, and without having to know code. You should be able to reuse old forms and landing pages, and you should be able to create templates, which may be the greatest time-saver of all.

      It’s best if the tool operates very similarly to your email creation tool, and shares a common stationary and image library. This helps keep branding consistent.
    2. Integrated
      Your forms will gather a lot of valuable information; make sure that they can be integrated with lead scoring, with your database(s), and with an alerting system so a sales rep can be notified right away when a specific prospect takes a specific action.You should be able to use a form to gate your most desirable content, so that you capture information from interested visitors, and have that data pass into your database automatically. The database integration should also recognize returning visitors and pre-fill forms based on previously supplied data. Your forms, landing pages and email should all integrate for webinar and event management.
    3. Work on any site
      Usually your marketing automation vendor will host your forms, but you may prefer to host them on your own site. Make sure that the data captured will go both ways. Find out whether a form will send its captured data to your marketing database or a CRM database, and ask about how the databases are kept in synch.

If you’re actively researching marketing automation, we have a handy Buyer’s Checklist for Marketing Automation covering 15 topics in addition to landing pages and forms, to help you evaluate your options. Learn:

  • Whether a marketing automation system fits your company’s culture
  • Which organizational objectives marketing automation can, and can’t, help you reach
  • Which tools you really need, and which ones you can do without

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