3 Twitter Tools That Help You Manage Your Account(s)

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If you Google “Twitter Tools,” get ready to be bombarded with about 1.3 billion search results. If you’re new to Twitter or just looking to learn a few simple tricks of the trade, here’s a list of three easy-to-use Twitter tools that are particularly helpful in scheduling tweets, researching trending topics, cleaning out spammers and bot followers, and managing multiple Twitter accounts.


TweetDeck is a social media dashboard for managing multiple user accounts, monitoring competitors and topics, and listening in on specific conversations by using the “add column” feature to search for highly relevant activity. You can also create lists which allow you to group people of similar industries/interests together to help keep your list of contacts organized.

You can also schedule posts in advance, which is helpful when you have multiple posts to issue throughout the day and are doing business in different time zones. Keep in mind that you’ll need to localize your posts with country-specific spelling and #tags since Twitter only allows you to issue the same post once; this will also ensure that your posts are seen by folks searching for terms specific to their country/interests.

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According to USA Today, “Topsy knows what you did on Twitter last year,” which pretty much says it all. You can search activity on a company @handle, link, or #tag, and Topsy will return results for the last 365 days.

There are plenty of search capabilities in the free version, but there’s also a Topsy Pro edition, which provides deep analytics for discovery into the activity, engagement, and influence of your company’s shared content and conversations. Not only can the Topsy Pro user monitor their own social campaigns and activity, but they have full insight into their competitors’ social activity as well. This lets you see your company’s share of voice and whether your campaigns are moving the needle for your company in terms of social conversation. Topsy Pro users also have visibility into trending hashtags, overall sentiment scores, related keywords, who’s retweeted their posts, overall impressions, and influencer scores.

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Twit Cleaner

Twit Cleaner is all about quality, not quantity of Twitter followers. Its main purpose is to analyze the people you follow and find the spammers and bots, inactive or semi-active users, and allow you to remove them with a few clicks. What’s great about Twit Cleaner – aside from the fact that it’s free (but accepting donations) – is that the report is populated in real-time and all you have to do is authorize Twit Cleaner to access your account. If you’re concerned about Twit Cleaner’s privacy policy, visit their FAQ page here.

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So there you are…three free, easy to use tools that really help a social marketer do their job better.

What are your favorite social media tools? Let us know, and we’ll build a top ten list we can all share. Please leave a comment below!