Create a Lead Scoring Program in 5 Steps

Follow These Proven Tips to Create the Perfect Lead Scoring Model

Complete the form to learn how to plan, develop, execute, and improve lead scoring programs. Accurate and actionable scoring improves the customer experience, accelerates the buyer journey, and helps you provide Sales with the insights they need to close the deal!

In this eBook you’ll learn to:
  • Define your ideal buyer profile

  • Assign point values to both profile and behavior data

  • Implement your lead scoring program

  • Optimize your lead scoring to accommodate your customers' emerging interests and pain points

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Why Is It So Important to Create a Lead Scoring Program?

Not all leads are created equal. Some are ready to buy right now; some will likely be ready soon; and some are just entering the funnel. So, how do you know which leads are hot and which are not? That’s easy... lead scoring. A good lead scoring system increases Marketing's ability to pass qualified leads to Sales, and helps Sales focus their time and effort on the most likely buyers.

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