Marketing Technology and CRM Integrations That Accelerate Success

Our open API and marketing and CRM integrations enable you to turn your marketing stack into a single powerful platform — no matter which solutions and CRM you’re using.

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Don’t Complicate — Integrate

Open API Framework

With our open API, you can seamlessly integrate your sales and marketing applications into one platform, making it easy to exchange data that drive program value — uncovering critical buyer and customer insights, streamlining marketing and sales programs, and winning more business.

Agnostic CRM Integrations

CRM integrations are essential for managing sales, customer support, and lifecycle engagement — and can boost sales conversions by 300%. Our CRM-agnostic solution allows you to integrate all major CRM platforms, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and SugarCRM — informing your funnel metrics, analyzing customer info, nurturing prospects, and building better customer relationships.

Webinar Management Solutions

Webinars are an effective and engaging channel to share vital information and connect directly with your customers. However, they can be time-consuming to plan and execute. Our solution helps you deliver a smooth and streamlined webinar experience with ease and integrate marketing data into your contact scoring, segmentation, and nurture program models.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Gain additional analysis and presentation powers by exporting your Act-On data into your preferred Business Intelligence tool. Whether you’re using Amazon S3, Google Drive, or Microsoft Azure, your raw data in Act-On is yours to export, integrate, and analyze as needed.

Social Media Management

Social media is vital to marketing and business success by spreading awareness and driving engagement. That’s why our platform integrates with Oktopost — the leading social media listening, advocacy, and attribution solution. From scheduling and campaign integration to curation, advocacy, and optimization, Oktopost helps you manage your social channels, understand your engagement performance, and take exciting action at opportune moments.

Act-On’s CRM integration saves us time and allows us to automate sales and marketing processes.

Mary Martinez, Director of Marketing (Horizon Distributors)

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